Sunday, April 8, 2018

Small Changes

The first time I shared my previous fitness journey on social media, I’ve received so many feedbacks from my followers. Some of them were encouraging messages and some were questioning how I did that. Not to mention – some were also tired of all the sharing and demanded to see the ‘present me’. Of course, I don’t blame them for feeling that way. It could be because I posted a lot of throwback pictures and none of them were from the recent ones. 

Before I decided to be more opened about my body weight issue, I had to rethink about it multiple times. None of my friends knew about my struggle because I had never mentioned it to them. Imagine you’ve been keeping a dark secret your entire live then finally decided to tell the whole word about it. It was not easy. But one day, I told myself that maybe by sharing my story I can help to add value in other people’s life. I can inspire those who are struggling just like me and let them know that changes can be made. All it takes is merely decision and action.

I know by sharing my previous workout routines and pictures without showing the present results will make it sound less convincing or just an empty talk, but I also know and understand that results take time. So to these people who wanted to see the ‘current me’, I told them I will share it – but when the time is right.


Revealing my overweight picture from recent year for the first time took a lot of courage. Even writing this makes me nervous. I’m not sure if this is the right decision but I realised that sharing these small changes can also benefit me emotionally. At least I know my hard work is slowly paying off.

If you have been reading my recent post, you will notice that I said I was at my heaviest last year. But looking back at this picture, I guess, I was at my heaviest in 2016.

As you can see, I was very different from a few years ago. I hope by seeing this picture, you can relate more to my previous posts. I was attending a friend’s wedding when this picture was taken. I swear, I wasn’t feeling confident to meet anyone. The whole time I kept praying that no one would notice me.


The pictures below are the recent ones taken today (top) and just a few days ago (bottom). To be honest, I’m very happy with the results. I feel even more motivated to go to the gym and achieve my goals.

Alhamdulillah. I’m enjoying the progress so far. I remember trying to fit in one of my jeans which were once too small for me. When I put it on, it was so easy. Most of my once-fit-clothes are now wearable. Even the dress that I’m wearing in this picture was once too fit for me. Now, I can comfortably wear it all day long.

The happiest moment of my life is when I can take OOTD pictures again without feeling disgusted looking at myself. I’m very grateful for these small changes I’m experiencing now and I hope that it will inspire you to make some changes in your life too.

Until then, good night everyone!

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