Monday, March 26, 2018

Tips: Raise Your Standards!

After three years of struggling, I finally have the motivation to start living a healthy lifestyle again. All thanks to my favourite guru, Tony Robbins, and my fiancé who keeps motivating me to go further. It was hard at first because my body was already at resting phase for quite a long time. But after a series of unfortunate events in my life, I decided to put a stop to it and take control again. From there, my next journey began.


“The only thing that limiting you is your own mind”

It took me a while to realise that this phrase is true. What stopped me from achieving my goal was my mind, and what drives me to achieve my dream body now is also my mind. To help you understand that everything begins from our mind, let me take you on a flashback to a few years back.

To be honest, I had a funny workout loop. In 2015, while my body was still at its best shape, I hit the gym a couple of time and then I stopped. I was so negative and constantly commenting about how the environment inside the gym doesn’t suit me and so forth. As I failed to control my emotions which led me to complain on so many aspects of my life, I also failed to control my appetite. It was also because I had a rough year. So I complained and I ate – too much. 

Then the following year came and I started seeing some changes in my body. My hips were getting bigger, my cheeks were too chubby, and I couldn’t fit most of my clothes. I was freaking out – again – so I went to the gym – again. But this time the challenge was my self-confidence. The gym where I went to has a few treadmills facing the mirror. Because I hated looking at my reflection as it made me feel disappointed in myself, I decided to come to the gym just a few times and then I quitted. Instead of changing my mindset, I gave up on myself. My mind was not strong enough to overcome the negative thoughts – I told myself that it’s too hard to do it this time and kept dwelling on the past.

One year went by so fast I could see more and more changes happening to my body. In 2017, I was at my heaviest. The pressure had increased. That year, I swear, was the most difficult one compared to the previous years. There were more clothes left unworn because I couldn’t fit in any of it. I would avoid public places and meeting people. My mind was always negative all the time. I would look at myself in the mirror and feeling pity because the person I saw was different from the one I knew before. I tried consuming weight lost supplement and I did lose some weight but it didn’t last long because it was a bit expensive. I also tried going to the gym again a few times but I didn’t push myself harder because my mind was at the negative zone. How can I help motivating myself if I was not in a positive state of mind?


I became serious in taking care of my health and fitness at the beginning of this year. Every day I will push myself to go to the gym and control my food intake per day based on calorie counting. Until today, it’s been almost three months since the first day I hit the gym and watching over what I eat. So far, I’m happy with the progress and seeing some small changes happening to my body motivates me to go further.

The question is how is this experience different from the previous ones? How did I achieve these small changes? What makes me maintain the momentum I have now?

The answers to all of these questions are three elementary principles of change that I applied in my life and mind power. I was reading ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ when I discovered the part that I was missing to drive me towards achieving my goal. I’ve learned a lot from the first few pages of this book especially about how to create lasting change. The moment I decided to raise my standards was the moment my life starting to change. I changed what I demanded of myself. I wrote all the things I would no longer accept in my life, all the things I would no longer tolerate and all the things that I aspired to become – just as the book told me to do. Then I changed my limiting beliefs and my strategy.

One of the examples I did to change my limiting belief was I changed my mindset from hating to look at myself in the mirror at the gym to seeing myself through the mirror as the motivation for me to go further. When I look at myself in the mirror now, it pushes me more because I can see the difference in the way I looked then and the way I look now. It’s amazing!

To maintain my momentum, I practice mind power. Our mind has the power to push ourselves to go beyond our limits. But we are often underestimating it or lacking of goals to fuel up the power to achieve it. When I was at the gym in Brisbane, I could run on a treadmill to the highest speed of 10 over 10. The first time I hit the gym this year, I had always wanted to run at a speed of 8 over 10 but I didn’t know when or how I would achieve that goal until recently I was challenged by my fiancé to hit 5.00 km of run. So I set the target to 5.00 km, raise the achievement target a bit within 50 minutes, and running at a modest to highest speed. Guess what? I managed to run 5.00 km within 49 minutes and 31 seconds. Not only that, I also achieved my goal to run at a speed of 8. Oh, it felt so good and energetic!

After reading my stories, now you know how much our mind plays the power on shaping our future. Not only our mind but the decision we make and the action we take both give impacts on us. But truly, the hidden secret is merely our mind power. If it wasn’t because of the challenge I received, I wouldn’t be pushing my mind over ‘its limit’ – or so I thought there was a limit!


One of the reasons why I persist on this journey is because of the support I received every day from my surrounding. My fiancé is my biggest supporter. He never gives up motivating me. I’m grateful to have a man like him in my life. Because God knows how stubborn I can be sometimes – I had a friend who decided to give up on me because of my stubbornness!

Apart from that, the number one reason is because of my mind power. Even if I have the whole world supporting me, it takes my mind power to push me to go further. A person who has everyone in his family going against his decision to do something big could achieve his goal because of his mind power. I wish I could explain about mind power better but this is the most I can try.

Gratitude is another reason that helps me a lot throughout the process. Back then, no matter how big the effort I put into losing weight, I was still unhappy because the idea that people would still be seeing me as ‘the chubby one’ was haunting me. I couldn’t enjoy the progress because I cared about what people think more than what I think about myself. But now that I’ve learned what important is how I feel about myself and the progress I’m seeing, I’ve become more of a grateful person than I was.

There are many women or young girls out there who could be facing the same thing as I do. Some might be the victim of bullying or some struggle to shine like others. I understand how hard it is to go through this issue. Hence, I made the decision to share about my fitness journey and progress on my website and social media so that I can help to encourage these women and young girls to strive on bringing out the best version of them.

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