Wednesday, September 6, 2017

What Happened in August?

The answer is, my birthday!

I'm happy that I had both the most awesome birthday celebration during my 22nd birthday and the most beautiful birthday celebration on 18th August 2017, just recently as I turned 25.

I didn't have fancy birthday cake or ribbons tied up everywhere but the celebration was enough to make me feel like it was the most special birthday ever. Instead of sharing the details, I decided to share you a couple of pictures!

I think throughout the journey as a 24 year old woman, I've learned so many things that has changed me to a person that I am today. One of the most significant differences is I'm more comfortable keeping my personal life private. These days, I share less about my private life to the world (or at least to social media). What I'm beginning to understand as a 25 year old woman now is that the less we expose ourselves to the world, the more calming and realistic our lives are. It doesn't just affect our daily activities but also our feelings and emotions entirely. To me, it really makes sense. When I was in Brisbane, I attended a number of Islamic classes and seminars. I still remember I attended a course explaining in details about evil eye. To explain the meaning, we are not created perfect. There are parts of us that are imperfect – it could be our face or even our lives. Take wealth as an example. There are people who were born unwealthy but Allah tests them with the desire to live a wealthy life. Seeing their friends who were born rich could drive them mad and lead to jealousy. What is meant by the evil eye is this hidden jealousy. This jealousy could grow stronger that they even pray for the worst to happen to these friends. You see, the imperfection we have somehow makes some of us jealous of other's perfection. That is why I chose to remain private.

You can only enjoy your feeling when you focus on it without mixing it with the need of showing it to others. When I decided to live the life I'm living now, I'm more of a peaceful person on the inside than I was a couple of years ago. I'm more focus on bettering myself than comparing myself with other women.

What I can learn from the 21 year old me is don't worry if you have to discriminate yourself from everyone for awhile because when you're alone by yourself, you are able to focus more on you than on what other say about you. Not only that, you will find your inner peace and that peacefulness you have within you will make you a good person which will then attract positive vibes around you including good friends.

I hope by turning a year older this year, I will grow even mature and wise in life, more focus on bettering myself physically and emotionally, and becoming more of a positive person so that I could spread positivity around me.

Until then,
Take care everyone!

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