Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Perfect Sunset

It's not like everyday I get to write a post facing a beautiful sunset view of the South China Sea. I think a view like this – with the sound of an old track playing behind the bar – would be a waste if I do not share a post about love.

I would love to have a romantic evening just like this with the man of my dreams. Holding hands and watching sunset together would make me the happiest woman. I have been wondering all these years – who will that man be?

It takes a great man to make me open up about him. Being a private person that I am, especially about my love life, I do not feel comfortable exposing too much about my relationship on social media but tonight I decided to make an exception. When I first met this guy, I was 17 and he was two years older than me, but we have known each other a year before that. Since then, we have built a friendship and a relationship between us, and had gone through countless obstacles to get to where we are today. So now, I am happy to say that I am currently with a man whom I called my best friend and lover.

However, to say that I have the answer to all my prayers now is not precise. We plan but He plans too. No matter how deep my love is towards him, I cannot say that he is the one until the day comes when both of us are ready to complete our journey together as husband and wife. I will never know but I can pray for the best. In a meantime – I'll wait.

I hope someday I will get a chance to experience my perfect sunset with the love of my life. For my readers, I ask for your du'a. May Allah ease everything for both of us.

In return,
jazakumullah khayr.

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