Wednesday, September 6, 2017

What Happened in August?

The answer is, my birthday!

I'm happy that I had both the most awesome birthday celebration during my 22nd birthday and the most beautiful birthday celebration on 18th August 2017, just recently as I turned 25.

I didn't have fancy birthday cake or ribbons tied up everywhere but the celebration was enough to make me feel like it was the most special birthday ever. Instead of sharing the details, I decided to share you a couple of pictures!

I think throughout the journey as a 24 year old woman, I've learned so many things that has changed me to a person that I am today. One of the most significant differences is I'm more comfortable keeping my personal life private. These days, I share less about my private life to the world (or at least to social media). What I'm beginning to understand as a 25 year old woman now is that the less we expose ourselves to the world, the more calming and realistic our lives are. It doesn't just affect our daily activities but also our feelings and emotions entirely. To me, it really makes sense. When I was in Brisbane, I attended a number of Islamic classes and seminars. I still remember I attended a course explaining in details about evil eye. To explain the meaning, we are not created perfect. There are parts of us that are imperfect – it could be our face or even our lives. Take wealth as an example. There are people who were born unwealthy but Allah tests them with the desire to live a wealthy life. Seeing their friends who were born rich could drive them mad and lead to jealousy. What is meant by the evil eye is this hidden jealousy. This jealousy could grow stronger that they even pray for the worst to happen to these friends. You see, the imperfection we have somehow makes some of us jealous of other's perfection. That is why I chose to remain private.

You can only enjoy your feeling when you focus on it without mixing it with the need of showing it to others. When I decided to live the life I'm living now, I'm more of a peaceful person on the inside than I was a couple of years ago. I'm more focus on bettering myself than comparing myself with other women.

What I can learn from the 21 year old me is don't worry if you have to discriminate yourself from everyone for awhile because when you're alone by yourself, you are able to focus more on you than on what other say about you. Not only that, you will find your inner peace and that peacefulness you have within you will make you a good person which will then attract positive vibes around you including good friends.

I hope by turning a year older this year, I will grow even mature and wise in life, more focus on bettering myself physically and emotionally, and becoming more of a positive person so that I could spread positivity around me.

Until then,
Take care everyone!

Monday, September 4, 2017

27 Dresses or Less

I hope it's not too late to wish you Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha and Happy 60th Independence Day! So many things are going on in life and I couldn't find time to write until today. I still have few posts waiting to be completed but I just don't have the time to do it. Sigh.

September is definitely a busy month for my family and I. We have my younger sister's wedding just around the corner and my cousin's wedding just a week before hers. Adding to that, my best friend is also getting married a day before my younger sister's big day. Pheww! What a wedding month it is.

To be frank, I am already feeling physically drained. Our weeks started becoming chaotic on July then dragged until August and now. I'm lucky enough to work under a company owned by my parents or else I couldn't imagine how my head will turn out to be. We are three weeks away from Nana's (my younger sister) big day and we still have a pile of work and a long what-to-do list need to be done.

Moving on to another story.
For Eid Al-Adha this year, I didn't have time to prepare anything for myself. Since  I attended a couple of weddings in which I received a baju kurung (or two) for bridesmaid and family theme to wear, I decided to just mix and match the top and skirt. The result was fine. Unfortunately, I don't have any OOTD photos to share.

I will take some time to finish the drafted posts and share to you how my birthday celebration was. I also have another story to share on the history behind our family last name, Al-Faqeer, which had me in awe when I found out about it.

Until then,
Happy holidays everyone!

Monday, August 14, 2017

A Low Key Life

If you have been following me on Blogger, you should have known by now that I'm no longer active on social media – mainly Instagram and Facebook. Although I've never explained in detail about this decision, I did mention the issues that I'm currently going through in regards to social media in my previous posts. There are times when I think it's best to quit these social platforms for good. But to quit too soon may not also be a good idea. I had been an active user of Instagram and Facebook since 2012 or earlier. As much as I wanted to quit, I still had the best moments and memories with it.

When I was a very active user, I didn't pay enough attention to myself. I was so busy trying to gain attention from my virtual friends and strangers. The sad thing was I could feel myself longing for something but I didn't look through it so I didn't know what it was. I went on chasing for things that I shouldn't be chasing not knowing that I was only making the situation worse – uploading and deleting photos because it didn't go well with the feed, obsessing over the amount of followers I had, posting tons of selfies to gain likes and followers, and many more. But the scariest thing of all was I compared myself to other girls – be it about my body or facial beauty. I didn't feel happy about myself. There was a sense of self-hatred existed in me. I was not in a healthy state of mind.

Realising that I should do something about it for my own good, I decided to be away from social media for awhile. The first week of keeping myself away from these social networks was very helpful. I started to gain focus in life and manage to take care of myself emotionally. A week later, I felt happier and better than I did before. Though it had only been a week but the result was amazing! Subhanallah.

Now, it has been a month since I made this decision. To some people, this is nothing than just a simple decision made. But for me, it is more than that because by far it has given tremendous impact in my life. I still post photos and do instastories, but less often than I did before. I would post photos whenever appropriate.

If you're currently not happy with your life, my advice is try to distant yourself from social media. I understand there are pros and cons of social media but in time like this yourself need yourself the most. So take some time off and engage with other people more in reality than you do virtually. Find something interesting to do – like me, I would spend my time watching my favourite series.

I remember reading a relatable quote from a famous Indonesian celebrity,

“A lot of people were saying why I am so low key lately? It is because I am enjoying living my life instead of trying to prove I have one.”
— Acha Septriasa

It's true. When you spend most of your time posting photos trying to show or justify how you're doing in life or showing off what you have, you'll never be happy. Maybe on the outside but not on the inside. Because that satisfaction is just temporary. I hope by sharing this could help others to realise how damaging social media can be. We are getting older everyday yet we spend most of our time staring at the phone scrolling up and down. So busy living in a virtual world, we forgot to enjoy the reality.

Until then, good night everyone!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

I Found Hope

Before I begin writing this post, I ask Allah to protect the man that I love and myself from evil eye. May Allah fill your heart with love, kindness and light.


I've always had trust issues with men. But tonight, instead of expressing my issues here, I decided to write about a man who did many things to make me happy and how I found hope again in my love life.

If this sounds weird to you, it's fine to feel that way. We all have choices in our life. You can choose – so can I. You can choose to continuously see things negatively or you can make peace with your mind by shifting your thoughts to positive ones. I have options to choose between writing about men negatively and feed my anxiety more or I can choose to write a post about a man's efforts that slowly change my negative perception. Of course, by writing this down doesn't change the fact that all men can't be trusted but I can help to encourage positivity and help to open women's minds that in this world there must or has to be one man who you can trust in your life – it could be your father, your brother, or even your son. I'm also writing this as a way of helping myself heal with my trust issues.

In the past, I had quite many experiences of being dumped in a relationship. This kind of experience does not only affects me emotionally but also mentally. I became mentally fragile – I lost the ability to trust people especially men. To live with this fear for years in an extreme way was a struggle. There were times where I felt scared of being in love, I didn't even allow myself to get to know another man and not even a chance for them to get to know me. That was how extremely afraid I was at that time – as if I was living inside a room with tough walls – walls that I built by myself. But I thank God for showing me a way out. I broke the walls slowly with the help of my friend. Since then, I began to see that good men still exist and it brought me to where I am today. What happened in the past is all water under the bridge now.

As time goes by, I have also learned that people change. Umar Al-Khattab once said that people with the worst pasts can create the best future. I've seen a man who I have known since I was 16 changed to be a better person than he was before. Masha'Allah. I couldn't be more proud him now. Grateful is the best word to explain the feelings I have. To see a spoiled boy grown up to be a responsible, dedicated, caring and loving man is amazing. Alhamdulillah.

To recall back 5 years ago, this man that I'm mentioning now is the man who came all the way to Sabah to surprise me on my 20th birthday – but I left Sabah without notice on the very same day he came to surprise me which pretty much broke his heart. This man was also the one who travelled 4013 miles away to Brisbane just to see me. The man who never gave up to search for me when I blocked him from every channel that he could find to contact me but finally he won – he added me on WeChat and that time I forgot that it was automatically approved. The man who will always try to find some time to spend with me whenever I come to visit, who will always make me feel like a Cinderella being fetched at the hotel entrance. The same man who broke my heart 7 years ago but came back loving me unconditionally and accepts me the way I am. The man who works extra hard now to make our dreams come true. I could go on and on but it's best to keep it to myself.

Now, I found hope again. Because of this experience I'm starting to believe that every person with the worst past can change to be better and that everyone deserves a second chance. As a human being, we are far from perfect and making mistakes are one of the ways we learn to improve in life. If that is our nature, then who are we to judge one another?

I'm grateful for the life and the feelings that I have now. No words can describe how thankful I am to be where I am today. Alhamdulillah. For this amazing man, thank you for everything you've done – from time to time trying to prove that you have changed and that even after all these years your love for me still remains in your heart. Thank you for not giving up on me although there were times when I already gave up on us, and for the times where I tried to do everything to make you feel annoyed at me but you never did. Thank you for making me the happiest woman that I am now. I pray that may Allah keep you istiqamah on the straight path, increase you in rizq, protect you from evil eye, and increase love in your heart towards your loved ones – your family and me. Allahumma amin.

I may not know what the future holds but I hope and pray that someday you will be the man that I'll be spending the rest of my life with. Insha'Allah.

For my readers, there could be among you who have not yet found peace and hope in life. For you, I pray that may Allah open your heart and soften it.

Last but not least, please make du'a for me.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mini Surprise!

Last night, I received an early birthday gift from my younger brother. My actual birthday is one month and five days away but he decided to throw a surprise dinner for me since he will be leaving to Australia soon. So for my upcoming 25th birthday, he gave me my first purse collection from Coach. Alhamdulillah.

My siblings and I planned to meet up at Sutera Harbour for dinner but I came a bit late which made me feel guilty after knowing that they were planning to surprise me. But thank God everything went well.

This surprise reminds me of my 22nd birthday. That year was the best birthday ever. I received many surprises from my friends in Australia and Sabah. I don't know how this year's birthday will turn out to be but hopefully it's a good one. Insha'Allah.

Alhamdulillah for the blessings I received – a wonderful siblings and future brother in law, and for the most expensive gift I've ever received. Masha'Allah. It's already too much for me. May Allah bless my siblings, future brother in law and my younger brother's friend who joined our dinner last night. Allahumma amin.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Starbucks Relationship

If yesterday I was blogging with a view of a sunset. Well, guess what? I am now blogging at Starbucks and alone. Sounds sad? Not really. It somehow brings back the memories of the good old days.

I used to visit Starbucks almost everyday in Brisbane. Somehow my daily visit had created great memories with the baristas. They would spell my name as ‘Eka’ whenever I pronounce my name as ‘Ika’. Other days, they would try to recall my name and insisted me not to say it then wrote it as ‘Ika’ which later pronounced by another barista as ‘Aika’. Funny whenever I reminisce those days. I miss all of them and their delicious Green Tea Frappe.

It's good to be alone at Starbucks now. Everything feels the same except I'm surrounded by Asians and the Green Tea Frappe doesn't taste as good as the one made in Brisbane. Otherwise, I could relive the past.

To update you on how I'm doing so far, I am happy with the way things are going now. After I made the decision to be away from social media, I found myself on the right track again. I've found the serenity I've been looking for. I have also considered going to the gym again – which is good.

I'm happy to feel comfortable in my own skin again. Not having to compare myself with anyone else physically is a wonderful feeling. Making peace with the past is a great way to start a new beginning in life. The ability to focus on the future depends on your mind and emotion. If you're not stable emotionally, there is no way your mind can be in a positive state. You will not be able to focus. That is what I've learned from my experience.

I think that's all for now.
Until my next post, have a great day!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Perfect Sunset

It's not like everyday I get to write a post facing a beautiful sunset view of the South China Sea. I think a view like this – with the sound of an old track playing behind the bar – would be a waste if I do not share a post about love.

I would love to have a romantic evening just like this with the man of my dreams. Holding hands and watching sunset together would make me the happiest woman. I have been wondering all these years – who will that man be?

It takes a great man to make me open up about him. Being a private person that I am, especially about my love life, I do not feel comfortable exposing too much about my relationship on social media but tonight I decided to make an exception. When I first met this guy, I was 17 and he was two years older than me, but we have known each other a year before that. Since then, we have built a friendship and a relationship between us, and had gone through countless obstacles to get to where we are today. So now, I am happy to say that I am currently with a man whom I called my best friend and lover.

However, to say that I have the answer to all my prayers now is not precise. We plan but He plans too. No matter how deep my love is towards him, I cannot say that he is the one until the day comes when both of us are ready to complete our journey together as husband and wife. I will never know but I can pray for the best. In a meantime – I'll wait.

I hope someday I will get a chance to experience my perfect sunset with the love of my life. For my readers, I ask for your du'a. May Allah ease everything for both of us.

In return,
jazakumullah khayr.

Friday, July 7, 2017

The Best Ramadhan

If last year I shared with you my Ramadhan story, this year I'd like to do the same thing too but only this time it would be about my experience from few years back. It was the most memorable and precious Ramadhan ever in my life. Even to this day, I can still reminisce the moment and remember the feeling vividly.

Ahh..I will never forget.

Allow me to take you back to 5 years ago, 2012.

It was my first experience celebrating Ramadhan in a foreign country. With no familiar faces or any relatives around me, I had to learn to live independently. To be honest, I was already emotionally unstable because of the situation I was in. Adding to that, having to break my fast alone was already too much for me. Unlike other Malaysian students, I lived with local and foreign housemates who were Non-Muslims and Non-Malaysians. So everyday during Ramadhan, I would have my sahur alone in my room because I didn't want to wake them up at night.

A few of my Malaysian friends who lived nearby were the ones who would accompany me to the Multifaith Centre for taraweeh. At the beginning of Ramadhan, I was feeling melancholy and I still remember I cried so hard during my first taraweeh prayer. The faces of my parents and siblings were flashing through my mind. Thinking of how far I was from them made me even sad than I already was. But everything happens for a reason – little did I know that it would be the best Ramadhan in my life!

That Ramadhan I spent the whole month doing good things. I read the Qur'an and did the Sunnah prayers almost every night. It was a total different experience for me. Forgive me if I sound like bragging. I don't mean to. There is something about living alone in a different country that makes you feel small, drawing you closer to The One who created you. That feeling is the kind of feeling that I'm missing now. If I could turn back time and show you the whole thing with your own eyes, I would.

One day, my friend and I went to a mosque located about 25 to 30 minutes from where I lived. It was near the city. We had our taraweeh there. Never in my 19 years of praying taraweeh during Ramadhan I cried because of the Surah recited by the Imaam. I had never read the meaning of the Surah he recited that night. But I felt khusyu' in my prayer and that was the most beautiful night of Ramadhan ever. It was as if I could understand the meaning of the Surah. Subhanallah. That Ramadhan too was the Ramadhan where I was eagerly looking forward to Laylatul Qadr and I gave my very best to pray the Sunnah prayers at night. I went to sleep as early as I could and woke up in the middle of the night. By Allah's will, I could wake up without feeling tired or being forced. It was so easy. Unlike these days – I miss those days.

To summarise my Ramadhan experience from 5 years ago, not only it was the best but that Ramadhan cured my pain and sadness. That Ramadhan changed me from the inside, providing me some inner peace in my heart. I became a calmer person. It gave me a new meaning of life and that journey had changed the way I look at obstacles and challenges as rizq and opportunities. That was when I started to embrace life and appreciate every second I had. If I could relive that moment, I would do it so that I could be that person again. I was really in love with my ibadah – be it obligatory or Sunnah prayers. And I miss that.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Turning 53!

My old man is turning 53 today!

Alhamdulillah. Everything went well tonight. We had a chance to celebrate his birthday at Todak. Yes, all 5 of us including another three – my younger brother's friends from Iraq and Korea, and our cousin. It's not like every year we get to celebrate our father's birthday together. So this year is a true blessing.

If you're a good stalker, you would notice that I have always been a private person when it comes to my personal life. So this time I'm sharing you a photo of my parents together during their recent visit to Jerusalem on March.

Earlier today we celebrated his birthday at the office. We bought a durian cake – since he's a fan of durian – and gave him his presents! I'm thankful for this opportunity to celebrate his birthday together as a family before my younger sister's big day on September. Insha'Allah.

So on this meaningful day, I pray that may Allah increase him in health, wealth and imaan, and grant him the highest place in Jannah. With all the good deeds he has done in this world, may Allah remove all of his sins and grant him the happiness he deserves.  May Allah keep the love in our family. Allahumma amin.

I Miss Her

I miss this girl.

She used to be happy in her own way, positive in life, optimist about her future, calm and strong when facing obstacles and challenges. Sadly, I am not that girl anymore. For those of you who wonder what exactly happened that causes me to decide to be away from social media – the main reason is because I am not happy with myself now. My issue is body weight and it has always been my longtime battle in life.

When I was at the happiest phase in life, I promised myself not to repeat the way I used to live before – eating too much of fast food, avoiding my friends because I didn't feel comfortable meeting them, listening to sad songs all day long etc. Unfortunately, I forgot my promise and it led me to where I am now – in an unhappy state. I've tried to lift myself up again but it didn't take long before I decided to give up. I have lost my inner strength. Or maybe I still have it in there – but it decreases.

Before I became this anxious, I didn't even care about what people think about me. I would shut my ears and live my life the way I pleased. But these days, life seems to be far more challenging than I can possibly endure. I've becoming more aware of public perceptions toward me. It reaches to a point where I'm too scared to read my followers' comments about my physique on social media. Worse – sometimes I would cry myself to sleep at night.

There are some parts of my life that I'm thankful for the blessings I've received. These blessings keep me going. But as a human being, I'm vulnerable too. There are times when I feel like I'm too weak to go through life. Moments where I feel like I'm not good enough.

I know I have to start somewhere to help myself. So I decided to find the cause of my negative thoughts. I realised that all these are coming from social media. I cannot love myself by comparing my physical look to other people. I cannot love my uniqueness by competing with other girls' uniqueness. I have to stop competing and ‘being’ them. I need to appreciate myself and value my uniqueness. Maybe from this post, you will begin to understand what I meant by ‘not healthy’ on my previous posts.

Maybe this could be the start of something good in my life. Insha'Allah. In fact, I have always missed writing in this blog. As a note for myself and for everyone who reads this, embrace your uniqueness!

Good night.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Qinqin is Engaged!

Surprise! Surprise!

I still can't believe that my darling Syiqin is now someone's fiance. A couple of years ago when my friend, Rafidah, got married the rest of us had no clue when our turn would come. Syiqin was one of us who thought that we would be the last one on the list to get hitched. But finally, her jodoh came early than expected.

It's amazing how Allah works His wonders, isn't it? You may be feeling like you're not ready yet but suddenly someone knocks on your door to propose. This year I have witnessed many love stories – from someone who just broke up with her former boyfriend then met a sincere man to marry her, to someone who had been single for years then met her soon-to-be husband, to someone who is about to marry her longtime boyfriend. Each of them had to go through tough times before experiencing the happiest moment of their lives.

It brings me to a verse in the Qur'an in which Allah says,

For indeed, with hardship (will be) ease. Indeed, with hardship (will be) ease.
Surah Al-Insyirah 5-6

I'm so happy for Syiqin. She has finally found the man of her dreams! One night we had a group conversation talking about how fast time brought us to this day. We used to talk about puppy love but now – now we talk about marriage and children. I still can't believe it. I wonder what would it be like when we turn 30?

I'm glad to be a part of this friendship. To collect precious memories together is a privilege. One year spent with these girls in high school was filled with joy and excitement. And I can't wait to collect more memories with them, insha'Allah.

For us who are still waiting for our big day to come, I pray that may Allah grant us a pious, loving and caring spouse. May He ease everything for us.

To my beautiful Syiqin,
May happiness and love stick with you until the end of time. We love you!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Time Out

So this is going to be a long entry but please bear with me. After days (and months I think) of thinking, I have finally decided to be away from social media except my blog and Twitter.

The past few years since the year I graduated have been a roller coaster ride for me. It's funny for a person who would always remind one another to stay positive has to make such decision to remain optimist again. To be honest, it has never been easy for me. With so many things on my plate, I need to find balance in my life again. This is never new to me because I had gone through the same thing too before.

As much fun as social media can give, it can also be a scary place to stay. Being a public figure that I am now, never once I thought I would be needing time to refresh myself from the toxic the social media gave me.

I hate to admit it but that's the ugly truth.

It was fun when it all started. From taking #OOTD (outfit of the day) photos to scenic view, editing it, to deleting the photos because it doesn't go well with the feed and many more. I began Instagram-ing when I was still in my overweight state. At that time, I had no idea that my Instagram would be the way it is now. With thousands followers following me, I can feel the pressure. The social pressure is real and it's just too much for me to handle. People wanting to see more of you, admiring you, and you starting to think that you've done a good job by inspiring others but the truth is..not everyone likes you. Then comes the evil eye and you start to feel like you're not good enough. Before you knew it, you have changed a lot from who you were before.

I have had moments in my life where I went through some big changes in life. I was happy and overweight, sad and overweight, then I changed to a completely different person, happy and healthy to now being a happy-sad overweight person. In the midst of handling the pressure of looking good and trying to keep up with everyone else, I have lost myself. I no longer feel the fun and enjoyment of taking photos. Even if I did, it was no longer because of passion.

I remember one day, a young girl came to me and asked a question that left me thinking for days. The question was — how did you manage to get thousands of followers? Not worrying about her disappointing examination results, she even mentioned about being famous and tried so hard to take selfies. I was shocked. It bothered me to a point where I question myself what kind of influencer I am? From the first day I started blogging, my aim has always been to inspire young girls to become a woman with beauty and brain. A highly intellectual woman is in top notch, beauty is a bonus. In my younger days, I was challenged by my father because I was too feminine and into fashion but my school performance was not something to be proud of. I wanted to change that and prove that there is nothing wrong on being beautiful, stylish and intelligent. A woman with a desire to look beautiful can also be a genius. But that day – that day I really felt like a failure.

To be looked up to as a woman who inspires young girls to be famous by posting tons of selfies on social media is the total opposite of my aim. An ‘achievement’ that I am not proud of. It's not healthy for them, just as much as it's not healthy for me. I'm starting to realise that these young girls are no longer looking at the value of being smart as the main ambition to achieve in life but famous and popularity. Knowing that I've been looked up to because of my popularity is sick. Hence, the reason why I decided to be away from social media.

You can have thousands or millions of followers, but that doesn't mean the whole thousands or millions are a fan of yours. Some people will follow you just to see how you're doing in life while some are just waiting for your downfall. When I was in Australia, I was surrounded by positive people. At that time, I thought it was impossible for people to dislike me because I didn't do anything wrong to anyone. But as time goes by, I've learned that even if you have never done anything wrong to anyone, there are those whose hearts are filled with jealousy and enviness.

I feel sorry for the pressure that our young girls feel these days. Seeing other ‘perfect’ girls flaunting their beauties, showing off their skills on wearing makeup (for example) and exposing too much of their bodies on social media will only create more self-confidence issue among those who are considered as ‘the ugly duckling’. There will be more of unhealthy competitions among them. No doubt that the number of depressed young girls is increasing. These girls can be so much more than just a person who tries to get noticed by the public. There are far more valuable things in life that you can achieve other than trying to gain attention. Unfortunately, it's not healthy.

I don't have better ways or words to express my thoughts and concern on this. But I believe in order to change people, I have to change myself first. Just like I said earlier, I'm fighting my own battle. By giving myself some space to heal, I can slowly regain my self-esteem. Hopefully, insha'Allah.

Now I understand more about humbleness. You can have everything for now but Allah can take it back in a split second. So if you're going through the best time of your life, remember to always remain humble.

Before I put an end to this post, I'd like to sincerely apologise for all of my wrongdoings. May Allah ease this trial for me. As for now, I will share more updates in my blog and Twitter. Insha'Allah.

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir and Batin.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Bagaimana Saya Mencipta Kejayaan

Sebelum saya memiliki kejayaan yang ada sekarang, saya cumalah pelajar biasa yang bersekolah di sekolah biasa dan memiliki keputusan yang biasa-biasa saja. Ketika berada di tingkatan 4, saya pernah gagal hampir semua subjek dan pernah rasa berputus asa untuk meneruskan pengajian. Dulu saya bukanlah seorang yang suka keluar rumah dan menghabiskan masa di luar. Kebanyakan masa saya habiskan di rumah belajar tapi hasilnya tak pernah memuaskan. Kerana keputusan yang kurang cemerlang, saya pernah terfikir saya mungkin tak akan pernah capai apa yang saya impikan pada ketika itu dan impian tersebut ialah melanjutkan pengajian ke luar negara. Saya pernah mempersoalkan masa depan saya dan sejauh mana yang saya boleh pergi dalam hidup ini kerana pada masa itu fikiran saya skeptikal. Seperti anak-anak lain, saya terfikir kalau saya tak berjaya sambung belajar, macam mana saya nak dapat pekerjaan dan gaji yang selesa?

Tapi walau bagaimana teruk pun pencapaian ketika itu, tak pernah sehari saya putus daripada membayangkan impian saya. Setiap malam saya akan bayangkan saya berada di negara luar dan memakai coat putih pada musim sejuk. Saya juga akan bayangkan keadaan saya memakai jubah konvokesyen dan ibu bapa saya tersenyum bahagia. Saya akan bayangkan situasi itu seperti ianya sedang berlaku ditambah lagi dengan mainan musik yang memberi inspirasi kepada saya.

18 Disember 2014 saya berjaya menamatkan pengajian dalam bidang Psikologi

Tahun 2014 menjadi saksi kepada pencapaian saya. Impian saya beberapa tahun yang lalu tercapai. Pada tahun tersebut saya berjaya menghabiskan pengajian dengan memakai jubah konvokesyen, sesuatu yang saya pernah ragui suatu ketika dulu. Pada tahun yang sama juga saya berjaya menurunkan berat badan dan memakai coat putih sepertimana yang saya impikan. Alhamdulillah.

Beberapa hari selepas majlis graduasi saya, saya berjaya mendaki Gunung Kinabalu. Ianya juga pernah menjadi persoalan saya suatu ketika dulu. Ketika di bangku sekolah, saya pernah diberitahu berkenaan dengan pelajar MRSM yang pernah mendaki Gunung Kinabalu. Saya merasa kagum membayangkan mereka yang masih remaja berjaya menawan gunung yang tertinggi di Asia Tenggara itu. Saya pernah bertanya pada diri sendiri, bolehkah saya mendaki Gunung Kinabalu satu hari nanti? Sehinggalah pada pertengahan tahun 2014, saya mengambil keputusan untuk meneruskan impian saya tersebut dengan mengikuti ekspidisi mendaki Gunung Kinabalu.

Selama tempoh hampir 6 bulan, saya banyak menghabiskan masa di Gym dan banyak melakukan aktiviti bersukan untuk meningkatkan stamina. Setiap kali berlari saya akan mendengar lagu yang membakar semangat saya dan membayangkan diri saya berada di atas puncak gunung. Walaupun saya masih tak tahu apakah penghujung kepada ekspidisi tersebut, tapi saya tak pernah berhenti dari membayangkan diri saya sudah berjaya menawan puncak Gunung Kinabalu.

Disember 2014 saya berjaya graduate lagi sekali di atas puncak Gunung Kinabalu

Alhamdulillah Allah izinkan saya merasa melanjutkan pengajian di luar negara dan menamatkan pengajian saya sehingga ke peringkat Ijazah. Bukan itu sahaja, malah diberi rezeki untuk mendaki Gunung Kinabalu. Sebenarnya, saya sendiri tak sangka bahawa satu hari nanti apa yang saya impikan akan tercapai. Dulu saya pernah mempersoalkan tahap kemampuan diri saya, tapi bila Allah nak bagi rezeki, sampai ke Master saya diberi tawaran. Segala puji hanya bagi Allah.

Mesti ada yang tertanya-tanya apa yang saya dah lakukan sehingga berjaya mencipta kejayaan sebegini? Ayah saya pernah berkata bila kita dah berjaya, jangan biar diri sendiri menikmati kejayaan tersebut, kongsikan pada yang lain. Oleh itu, saya memilih untuk menulis kisah kejayaan saya dan berkongsi tips dan pengajaran kepada mereka yang rasa seolah-olah tiada harapan bagi diri untuk terus maju. Tips yang pertama ialah jangan tinggal solat. Bila solat, lakukannya seperti kita sedang berdating dengan Tuhan. Segala yang tersimpan di hati kita luahkan pada Dia. Sebutkan apa yang kita mahu pada Tuhan kerana Tuhan adalah sebaik-baik Pendengar. Ketika zaman belajar, saya banyak meluangkan masa dengan membaca Al-Quran dan menghadiri majlis-majlis ilmu. Kadang saya sendiri rindu suasana tersebut. Bila rasa tertekan saya akan dirikan solat dengan serta merta. Perbaiki bacaan Al-Fatihah dan fahami maksudnya. Ia banyak membantu saya untuk lebih khusyuk ketika solat. Selain itu, ketika bersendirian pula perbanyakkan beristighfar. Salah satu kunci untuk rezeki yang luas ialah istighfar. Bila kita beristighfar, kita memohon ampun daripada Tuhan yang Maha Pengampun. Semakin banyak kita beristighfar, maka semakin mudah rezeki untuk menghampiri kita. Amalkan.

Seterusnya, amalkan konsep The Law of Attraction. Ramai yang tak tahu apa sebenarnya hukum tarikan? Bila dah dewasa, saya mulai faham sebenarnya sejak dibangku sekolah lagi saya sudah mengamalkan konsep ini. Hukum tarikan yang saya maksudkan ialah bayangan yang saya lakukan setiap kali sebelum tidur seperti yang saya ceritakan di awal entri ini tadi. Bila nak membuat visualisasi, lakukannya dengan penuh perasaan dan rasakan seolah-olah perkara tersebut sudah menjadi kenyataan. Ramai yang terus memandang serong bila orang Islam menyebut The Law of Attraction tetapi kenyataannya ialah ilmu mereka cetek dan yang menyedihkan ialah mereka tak mahu mengambil tahu malah terus melabel sesuatu dari barat sebagai ilmu yang terpesong. Bagi saya, segala jenis ilmu di dunia ini adalah milik Allah, datangnya dari Allah. Tetapi mana yang memesongkan aqidah jangan diikut. Mana yang dapat memperbaiki kualiti hidup kita, dalamilah.

Kejayaan tak akan boleh dipisahkan dengan hubungan baik dengan Tuhan. Dengan mendekatkan diri dengan-Nya membawa kita lebih hampir kepada kejayaan di dunia dan di akhirat. Bila rasa seperti seolah-olah masa depan tak cerah, jangan berputus asa. Yakin pada apa yang Tuhan mampu lakukan. Hari ini kita tak yakin tapi tunggu esok. Bila Tuhan nak tunjukkan kuasa-Nya, ketika itu baru kita akan sedar bahawa tempat pergantungan itu masih ada cuma kita saja yang kadang terlalu leka dengan dunia. Asyik bergantung pada diri sendiri sehingga lupa ada Tuhan yang lebih mampu memakbulkan doa dan impian kita. Jadi tips yang terakhir ialah tingkatkan keyakinan yang tinggi pada Tuhan.

Sebelum saya akhiri entri kali ini, saya doakan pembaca semua dipermudahkan urusan pengajian dan semoga apa yang dihajati akan tercapai. Untuk entri yang akan datang saya akan kongsikan tentang matlamat saya untuk beberapa tahun yang akan datang. Jadi nantikan bahagian kedua entri hari ini.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Kolaborasi Bersama Aviimo


28hb April yang lepas saya diberi peluang untuk membuat kolaborasi bersama sebuah syarikat e-commerce yang semakin terkenal di pasaran. Tak lain tak bukan, mestilah AVIIMO! Saya sangat teruja apabila dihubungi seorang rakan yang saya kenali menerusi kolaborasi saya bersama Body Shop 2 tahun yang lepas. Lily menghubungi saya melalui WhatsApp dan menjelaskan pada saya berkenaan dengan tawaran dari pihak Aviimo. Sudah tentu saya jawab ya!

Sebenarnya saya sangat teruja untuk melakukan kolaborasi ini kerana Aviimo merupakan syarikat e-commerce yang berpusat di Sabah! Oleh kerana itu, tanpa ragu-ragu saya terus menerima tawaran ini dan memberi sokongan seratus peratus kepada Aviimo dengan membantu memasarkan lagi Aviimo menerusi kolaborasi ini. Sama seperti syarikat e-commerce yang lain seperti ZALORA dan FashionValet, Aviimo juga mempunyai in-house designers yang berpengalaman dalam memilih pakaian dan mereka juga menggunakan konsep yang sama iaitu perniagaan di atas talian.

Pengalaman saya melakukan photoshoot bersama team Aviimo sangat menyeronokkan! Pakaian yang disediakan juga banyak yang menarik perhatian saya. Sempena bulan Ramadan yang bakal tiba, sudah tentu ramai yang dah mula mencari pakaian untuk hari raya! Berita baik untuk pembaca saya, anda kini boleh membeli secara online di dan mendapatkan diskaun sebanyak 5% dengan menggunakan kod AVXIEKA!

Nak tahu apa yang saya beli dari Aviimo? Teruskan membaca.

Gambar photoshoot bersama AVIIMO bulan lepas

Shopping kini menjadi lebih mudah dengan melayari laman web AVIIMO!

Beberapa hari selepas selesai sesi photoshoot bersama AVIIMO, saya pun mencuri sedikit masa dengan melayari laman web mereka. Terlalu banyak pilihan membuatkan saya menjadi rambang mata! Akhirnya saya membeli beberapa helai pakaian dan aksesori. Yang membuatkan saya kagum dengan AVIIMO, mereka menyediakan perkhidmatan Cash On Delivery (COD)! Dan beberapa hari selepas itu saya menerima bungkusan dari mereka.

Bungkusan datang dengan greeting flyer

Long pearl necklace yang saya beli dari AVIIMO sangat cantik!

Earrings from AVIIMO

AVIIMO juga turut menyediakan ruangan untuk anda membeli peralatan Home and LivingSo tunggu apa lagi? Jom dapatkan peralatan rumah, aksesori dan pakaian terkini di dan gunakan kod AVXIEKA untuk dapatkan diskaun 5%.

Selamat bershopping!