Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My little baby

Shawl from Pastels by Ieka Ahmad

Hello, there.
The city feels a bit chilly today.
It's been raining since an hour ago and I'm enjoying the weather so far.

I hope it isn't too late to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I completely forgot to include my wish on my latest post last night. Maybe I was too excited to write about my best friend's wedding. Anyway, I know I haven't been writing about my life for quite a while now. I was busy taking care of my little baby.

Now, before you jump into a conclusion.
My little baby is not what you thought it was.

I started to get myself involved into business earlier this year. As a fresh graduate, I decided that it's the right time for me to make my dream come true especially at this young age. For some people they might have thought it's a waste of time and energy while I have a degree and could be offered with fantastic jobs and salaries. I don't have a good reason to deny that fact. In fact, I believe that they are right. However, I've always convinced that if you do something you enjoy, the results of your work will be exceptional. That's why I decided to start my own label Pastels by Ieka Ahmad. Opening and running my own boutique is one of my dreams since I was in the university. Insha'Allah I'd like to achieve that dream someday. I understand that the stakes are high because there are too many people selling similar stuff. But I do have faith in myself and I have clear ideas of why I wanted to do this at the first place.

As a young entrepreneur, achieving satisfaction after working very hard is the best feeling in the world. Alhamdulillah, I had the opportunity to give my parents my 6-month salaries on the first day of Eid which is something that I'm very proud of myself! Masha'Allah tabarakallah. I thank Allah for this opportunity.

Before I conclude this entry, I ask that may Allah increase me in wealth, health and imaan too.
Amin Ya Rabb.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Rafidah off market

Hello, there!

I can say that I'm a little proud of myself today because I managed to grab my laptop and write this entry. If it wasn't because of #rafidahoffmarket, I wouldn't have the effort to do so. Anyway,  I've been sick for the past few days. But I'm hoping for a speedy recovery, insha'Allah, as I have tons to do for my little baby Pastels by Ieka Ahmad.

Last weekend was the best one I had so far! To begin with, my high school best friend has just got married to a man whom she loved. I was in shocked when I heard the good news, of course, but I was so happy and excited too!

So, this is how the story goes.
As an introduction, there were five of us; Nana, Syiqin, Pedo (Rafidah), Lala and me. Nana contacted me last week asking if they could come to my house for beraya. Of course I said yes but she didn't stop there. I was inhaling really deep when I read that they wanted to give me an invitation card! Right at that moment I thought, so does this mean one down and four to go? I didn't know who was going to get married until the day they came to my house and the person that they meant was Pedo! I was so excited and decided to sponsor the shawls for her bridesmaids (us) and for herself too. We were continuously talking, telling stories and that was the longest conversation I had with anyone so far! Blame the technologies for the anti-social problem.

From the left: Nana, yours truly, Pedo (Rafidah) and Lala

Syiqin wasn't able to make it on that day so there were only four of us. But funny because we met again later that night. We were laughing really loud when we bumped into each other. It wasn't a plan for us to meet up but we accidentally did!

Pedo got married on Sunday afternoon. To be honest, it was my second time meeting a bride who wasn't looking nervous on her big day at all. She was so calm as usual. Masha'Allah. I couldn't imagine if that was me! She looked so beautiful in her wedding dress. I was holding my tears when I saw her that day. I know we all did.

Ratu and Raja Sehari

After the wedding, we headed straight to Lala's house as her mum was having an open house. It was evening and we were tired (and full too). All the hard work of organising the photo booth and finding some fruits for the hantaran really paid off. At the end of the day, it's the memory of this friendship that we created that's matter.

From the left: yours truly, Syiqin, Lala and Nana

Us acting silly as always

All shawls were sponsored by Pastels by Ieka Ahmad

I still can't believe it that she's now married. The feeling is surreal. A few days before her wedding, I was reminiscing the days when were still a high school student. And that was 9 years ago. I still remember how we met, clicked and became friends. How we would all be busy cleaning the classroom and Nana would be mumbling around to make sure our class was neat and tidy as she was our Ketua Keceriaan. Also how loud Syiqin's voice was, you could easily tell that it was her voice if she was laughing. If I could turn back time, I would do it because sometimes it's hard to handle the feeling of missing the past. This friendship is a treasure for me. I wouldn't trade it in for another one.

May Allah bless your marriage, Pedo.
Be a good wife to your husband.
We will always love you.
Friends forever!