Saturday, September 27, 2014

Refresh our imaan

Remember when I told you about the flowers that I bought the other day?
I woke up the next morning feeling excited because of it. Haha.
Well, I still haven't bought the vase yet. Hm.

This morning Kak Niza and I went to Halaqah Nurani to refresh and rebuild our imaan. Insha'Allah. This week's sharing was on Tafseer Surah An-Nazi'at and half an hour discussion about what we have learned from the Prayer Makes Perfect course which was held last weekend. Alhamdulillah. We've benefited a lot from it. I ask Allah to bless Ustazah Asma, Kak Nani and everyone who came to seek His knowledge today. Amin.

Surah An-Nazi'at talks about The Day of Resurrection, the story of our beloved Prophet Musa and Pharaoh, Allah's creations, and The Day of Judgement. What can be pondered upon from this surah is that no matter how much we try to hide our sins, Allah knows. Remember that we are constantly being monitored by Allah. Another thing that can be taken as a lesson is that this life is too short, hence, don't waste it on worthless things.

Living in Brisbane has changed my life. Alhamdulillah. Back in Malaysia, it was never easy for me to find Islamic classes. Take note that I live in Sabah, it wasn't easy to attend to these classes. Unless you ask someone or any university students, you'll never know. So, if you ever wondered that living in Kuala Lumpur or somewhere else was too burdening for you, now don't be. Because you're blessed that Allah has made it easy on you to find and gain knowledge about His deen. May Allah make it easy on us to seek His knowledge.

After weeks and months of going through a lot of hardships, I'm beginning to feel better now. Alhamdulillah. To share things that I've learned from those hardships, Allah's mercy is greater than His anger and no matter what happens do not ever give up on Him. Subhanallah. We, human, are not free from sins. We make mistakes everyday yet Allah has always been forgiving to us. Do not question why Allah is testing us with such hardship because He knows better and that every test has its wisdoms. A friend of mine once told me that we learn something new everyday. I couldn't agree more.

Before I put a full-stop on this entry, 
here are some of the pictures taken yesterday.

I know I've been posting a lot of pictures of flowers on instagram lately, I could be annoying some time. But I can't  help it. Hehe. I can't describe how much I love flowers. It's just so beautiful. Subhanallah.

Anyway, have a lovely weekend.
Until then.

Friday, September 26, 2014


A few weeks ago, Kak Niza and I was planning to throw a small birthday surprise for our lovely Fadilla. We were supposed to do it on the same week of her birthday. Unfortunately, due to our busy schedule, we had to postpone it to, not one, but two weeks after. Sigh. But we managed to surprise her last week!

We bought her a necklace as her birthday gift. I was thinking about getting a floral scarf for her but we couldn't find a nice one, hence, we decided to go with the necklace. I had a chance to bake Fadilla's birthday cupcakes. Since I couldn't think of anything else, I decided to bake Red Velvet Cupcakes. Masha'Allah. Fadilla is a sweet young lady, so I thought pink colour as her birthday theme would be nice. Oh and the birthday card was also in pink. Hehe.

We celebrated her birthday at The City Botanic Garden. Overall, the birthday surprise went well. Alhamdulillah. So happy that she likes it.

Now, I leave you with a couple of pictures from last week.
Until then, have a lovely day everyone.

Oh, and good morning!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Spring break

My mid-semester break has just started.
Which means, I have more time to update my blog.
The past few weeks have been the toughest ones but I'm glad that it's over. Alhamdulillah.

It is now Spring in Australia and I'm enjoying it so far.
In fact, my sindrom-beli-bunga is getting worse. Every time I see fresh flowers, I cannot help but to buy it. To give you a clue on how worse this syndrome is, I went to the city today and bought myself another bouquet of flowers. Since I don't have enough vases at home, now, I have to buy a new one. At the moment, I have to borrow my house mate's vase to place the flowers that I just bought.

Oh, dear. I know. But I can't help it.
I love it when I wake up every morning and seeing those flowers blooming.
It makes me happy. Free therapy. Masha'Allah.

Anyway, Raya Haji is just around the corner. Just like previous years, I won't be able to celebrate it with my family but I'm more than happy to celebrate it with my friends here. Oh yes, my friend and I are hunting jubah now! It's so hard to pick one because all of them are pretty. Hm. Now, this is where my imaan is being tested. When will I stop buying things online? Cry. But seriously, I do have issue with online shopping. I really need to control myself.

I guess that's it for now.
Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Life and wisdom

I bought this wide shawl from my sister few months ago,
never thought that I could wear red at all.


I'm now halfway through my final semester. Alhamdulillah. This semester is hectic and there are tons of things that need to be done before the semester comes to an end. But I keep telling myself that, insha'Allah, I can make it through. I had a chance to share stories with Kak Dina today and it has helped me a lot. Masha'Allah. She's a wonderful person. May Allah bless her and her family. Every word of her really inspires me to become a better person. When I look back into my life, I thank God that this is how He has planned my life to be. I'm grateful to have the life that I live now. Alhamdulillah.

I ask Allah to keep me steadfast and help me to become a better Muslim.
Amin Ya Rabb.

I've been through a lot of things lately. The good and the bad. It comes to a point where I've lost my sense of trust to other people. Yet I know there is always wisdom in every test. Allah says in the Qur'an, with every hardship comes ease. I love this. Whenever I read this verse or if it comes into my mind, I just feel motivated again. It helps to build my spirit and to motivate myself to keep going.
Beautiful. Subhanallah.

I have nothing else to share except that I had fun today especially about gaining new knowledge from someone who I've been admiring for a long time. I would love to learn more from her.

Until then, good night.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


When it comes to love, I leave it all to Allah.
I have to admit that it feels kind of lonely sometimes especially when I look at everyone around me. Yet I know that Allah's plans are way better than mine. I guess the only thing I can do is pray and be patient.

In time, things will fall in the right place.
Keep the faith.

To be honest, being single is not easy but I know that this will be worth it in the end. Some wonder why I've been single for quite a long time. It's not that I don't want to move on or stuck with my past. To me, love is precious. Hence, I decided to give mine only to the one who deserves it. I'm a devoted person. When I love, I love with all my heart. Yes, that's the problem. Because when I have no choice but to let go, my heart bleeds and it hurts so deep. I don't want to go through the same thing again. Not anymore.

To sum it up, I'm just too tired of being in a relationship. Therefore, I leave it all in Allah's hands because I know that He knows what is better for me in the future. I know this sounds kind of funny but I decided to write this here.

To the man who I will marry in the future, 
I have no idea who you are and where you are,
But because I love you and I love Allah,
I'm keeping my heart just for you. 
Only you.

I know that I'm not perfect. 
Hence, in a meantime, I'm doing my best to better myself. 
I pray that may Allah ease everything for you and me.

I better stop now before I get too emotional.
Until then, good night.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Six years of blogging

I still remember those days when I was still new in this world of blogging. 
What inspires me to blog is my passion towards writing. 

I wasn't a heavy reader back then. I love to read but I read only books that bring me to adventures. I love how it makes my imagination alive. As a child, I wasn't a fan of romantic novels. I remember when I was in high school, my friends would be exchanging novels. Most of the novels were about love and relationship. I also remember those days when I was trying so hard to fit into the circle, I would borrow one of the novels and force myself to finish reading it. But of course, my interest changed as I grew older.

Hm. The first time I decided to create a blog was when I was sixteen. I was still young and if I had a chance to read those posts again (which I've deleted few years ago), I'm pretty sure I would be laughing the whole night. 

I take blogging seriously because I just love sharing things about my life. Being a blogger for the past 6 years made me realise how precious memory is. It makes me appreciate my growth since I was a teenager until now. It's wonderful to see how we, ourselves, have grown into someone beautiful. It makes us love ourselves even more. Alhamdulillah.

I wish to continue writing until I have my own family someday. Insha'Allah.
I wonder how it feels like to read this post in the next twenty years.

Until then,
have a good night.

Friday, September 5, 2014


Every test comes with two outcomes, failure and success. 
Most of the time we struggle to reach for success. 
But to some people, failure is like a ritual thing.

How people respond to failure depends on how they look at it. Some look at failure in a negative way while others look at it in a positive way. I guess the beauty of failing is it makes success tastes even sweeter. I admit that it doesn't feel good to fail. But at the end of the day we have no choice but to accept it and improve.

May Allah ease every task for me and you.
I ask Allah to grant us success in this world and the next. 


I have nothing else to share. 
Until then, have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

My gallery

The only thing that keeps my life interesting right now is Instagram. I love photography. I've always wanted to take beautiful photographs. I'm still learning and not quite there yet. But I'm grateful to be given this nikmat. I hope to learn more in the future. Insha'Allah.

Feel free to visit my Instagram.

Ieka Ahmad.

Monday, September 1, 2014


This morning I woke up trying to positive myself.

It's been a tough journey lately.
But yet I'm grateful because every trial helps me to draw myself closer to Allah. In order to be among The People of Jannah, I must learn to forgive others. To be honest, to me it's easy to forgive but to forget is another thing. I've been tested with a lot of things. I think it's best not to mention those things.

In Surah Al-Baqarah verse 286, Allah mentions that,

Allah does not charge a soul except (with that within) its capacity. It will have (the consequence of) what (good) it has gained, and it will bear (the consequence of) what (evil) it has earned.

I'm not a perfect person. I make mistakes. I take these trials as lessons in life as well as a wake up call. I've been enjoying too much. Astaghfirullah. I ask Allah to forgive my sins and yours. Indeed, this world is a scary place to live. May Allah ease our journey here.

To share you what I've learned from those tests. I've learned to be more careful of the words that I utter to others and to be more sensitive towards someone else's feeling. I've also learned to forgive others as well as to forget the mistakes they made. Hence, I ask Allah to forgive me. I've learned to appreciate my deen. There are more but these are the ones I could think of at the moment. Before I end this post, I ask Allah to forgive us all and help us to go through the trials that we are facing in life.

I forgive those who hurt me for the sake of Allah.
May Allah soften their hearts to forgive mine.