Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tutu skirt

Skirts are my favourite.
It's a must in my wardrobe.

My younger brother and I went to Outdoor Development Centre (ODEC) today. I've discovered this place long time ago and haven't been visiting this place for years. If you've heard of or been to Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), you'll be familiar with this place. This place is so beautiful and breathtaking. Subhanallah. I've been planning to come here since I was in Brisbane and grateful that I've had a chance to do so. Alhamdulillah. 

It was midday when we came. I didn't take a lot of pictures because the weather was hot. I've had to stand the heat when my younger brother took this picture. Anyway, I'm happy that I've accomplished one of my plans. More to come. Insha'Allah.

As for today, I decided to wear a tutu skirt. I've been thinking to do this photo shoot for quite a while. At first I thought Masjid Bandaraya (Bandaraya Mosque) would be a wonderful place to shoot this skirt but since it's Friday and the Muslim brothers will be having their Friday prayer (it's a recommended prayer held weekly at the mosque), it would be awkward to do a photo shoot there. Hence, I did it here. Anyhow, I'm still happy with the outcomes. I was trying to sharpen my skills in photography at the same time. Hm. We'll see about that.

Until then.
Have a blissful Ramadhan.


  1. Saya dpt rasa tu panas sana kak. Selalu jg di ums tu panas hehe. anyway, you look beautiful in everything! Masha'Allah

    1. Masha'Allah tabarakallah thank you ainul sayang. Hehe iya panas betul tapi cantik kan view dia <3