Monday, July 7, 2014

The birthday dinner

6th July 2014.
Today marks the date of my father's 50th birthday.
I can't believe that he has finally turned 50. Oh my, time flies.

As usual, we would have a family dinner to celebrate the birthday. But since it's Ramadhan, then it's dinner-slash-iftar. Last year, I made an Ombre Cake for my father on his 49th birthday. Unfortunately this year I wasn't able to do so because of the timing. Hm. I'm planning to bake him something tomorrow. It's better late than never, right?

Anyway, my family and I celebrated my father's birthday at The Square RestaurantNovotel. The food there was awesome. If you're thinking about where to head to for iftar, then I'd suggest this place. The place was nice and the view was fine. I just can't stop thinking about the food. I love the food. Oh wait, did I mention that it's buffet?

For the birthday dinner, I decided to wear this Satin Pleated Skirt which I've bought over a year ago. Just like the rest of the skirts I owned, I'm in love with this skirt too! To make the outfit looks more dazzling, I decided to put on a necklace (which cannot be seen clearly in the picture) from Colette. For your information, I'm a big fan of Colette Hayman accessories and bags. I'd usually buy the accessories during sales and would spend hours in the store trying to figure out which one to buy. Who says being a woman is easy? Hmm.

Until then.
Have a wonderful day fasting!

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