Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bunker Coffee

Last Friday, my friends and I went to a small coffee shop in Brisbane.
Have you heard of Bunker Coffee before? It is within walking distance from the Milton train station. Don't worry, it's easy to find this coffee shop. One thing I'd like to share about Bunker Coffee is it is located in a place that used to be a garage for a house at 21 Railway Terrace. Interesting, isn't it?

From my personal experience, I love everything about this coffee shop. The best thing about Bunker Coffee is everything offered in the menu is home-brewed. I would recommend you to try Bunker Coffee's Full Cream Double Shot Iced Coffee. It was good as gold that my friends and I bought another three of it. I've tried their Mocha and it was the best Mocha I've tasted so far! The cakes were also good. Overall, it was worth it.

Bunker Coffee (Brisbane)
21 Railway Terrace, Milton, Brisbane QLD 4064
Monday to Friday 
06:15 to 15:30

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