Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Seoul, Korea.

South Korea.

A place that was never on my travelling list before. But I have to admit that South Korea has successfully captured my attention. If I had a chance, I would love to visit Seoul again.

I went to South Korea with my family a couple of years ago. It was winter season when we came. I wasn't looking forward for the trip but I was so excited to experience winter. I'm pretty sure that we were staying at The Hamilton Hotel. Pardon me, my memory isn't that good. But I do remember the reason why my father chose to stay in that area; because it was easy to find halal food there.

We arrived at the Incheon International Airport at dawn. It was cold and we were freezing. That was my first time experiencing cold weather. All the nearby shops were still closed when we arrived at the hotel except a cafe where we stopped to buy a hot drink. Oh, I remember how beautiful the weather was.

As you can see, Itaewon was empty when we arrived. But of course, cars were everywhere on the street. The first restaurant that we visited on that day was an Indian restaurant. It's easy to find halal restaurants in this town. I would highly recommend you to find a place to stay in Itaewon if you are planning to visit Korea soon or in the future.

Our journey began on the second day of the trip. That was the first time we met Michelle, our tour guide. Michelle was a warm and friendly person. Her face was younger than her age. It was fun to have her around. We learned a lot about Korean culture from her. She took us to Hongdae to visit The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince. Does the name of the coffee shop sound familiar to you?

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince was an old coffee shop located in Hongdae. It was where the shooting of Coffee Prince took place. The best part was that we had a chance to have a sip of coffee there! It was one of the most fascinating experiences in my life, a remarkable one. Michelle also took us to a traditional vegetarian restaurant located in the city. It was the only option that we had. However, that was the first time I had a taste of Korean traditional food and that would be the last too.

I still remember how everyone face was like while eating it. Shockingly, my father enjoyed it. While he was enjoying the food, the rest of us was struggling to finish it. Overall, it was a beautiful restaurant. I was thrilled to learn about the South Korean culture. It wasn't long until we said our last goodbye to Michelle. We had so much fun with her. 

A couple of days before our last day in Korea, we had a chance to visit The Lotte World. It was such a fun experience. It brought back all the memories we had when we were young. This is one of the places where you can have fun with your family and it can be a dream come true to your children too.

On our last night in Korea, we went to a restaurant owned by a Korean man whose wife was from Indonesia. Murree Korea Muslim Food was a small restaurant but the food was great and we enjoyed it so much. The best part of that night was we had a chance to experience the snow. I can never forget that moment. It was one of my favourite moments.

I had so much fun in Korea and hopefully I can visit the place again someday.

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