Monday, April 14, 2014

My status

I've been questioned a lot about my status lately.

My answer is simple. I'm nobody's until the day I become a wife to a wonderful husband. I'm still holding on to what I've hold on to before. That is, I don't want to be in a relationship unless if it's halal. I have done a lot of mistakes in my past and still do it everyday which is why I'm struggling to improve myself to become a better person.

I want to do everything in a halal way.
I want everything I do is blessed by Allah.
I want the best for my future husband and children.

I know that this is not easy. Especially with what is happening around me. But I know that Allah will always be with me. I don't know with whom I'll be spending the rest of my life with but I know that if I keep on striving to become a better Muslimah, then Allah will grant me a pious spouse. I was listening to a lecture by AbdelRahman Murphy this morning and found it to be soothing.

If we want to have a wife like Aisya RA, then maybe we should start being like Muhammad SAW.  AbdelRahman Murphy 

May Allah bless brother AbdelRahman Murphy and his family.
Marriage is something that every woman wants to experience in their life. Maybe Allah knows that I'm not ready yet so He delays it. Maybe He wants me to change myself first so that when the time has come, I can be a good wife to a good husband and a good mother to my children. Insha'Allah. Until the day I become a wife to someone, then I will love him for the sake of Allah with all my heart.

Living in Australia has opened my eyes widely to see how beautiful marriage can be is if the spouses do it in accordance with Islam. I've learned a lot here and everyday my love towards the deen grows fonder. I pray that may Allah grant every single brother and sister who is reading this a pious spouse which can lead them to Jannah someday.



  1. Allahuakbar..

    sebak baca entri kak ieka.
    you are so special, kak ieka..

    may Allah bless you.. ameen.

    love you!

  2. kalau hati kita ikhlas, InsyAllah tuhan akan tolong kita =)