On forgiveness and fairytale

By Ieka Ahmad - 9:33:00 PM

“Learn to forgive. Forgive everything from the past and forgive anyone from your past. Because in this world, nobody is perfect.”

Learn to forgive. Forgive everything from the past and forgive anyone from your past. Because in this world, nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. And it is always good and noble to forgive someone in your life. When it comes to love, teach your heart to always forgive your loved one. It doesn't matter how bad or how much it hurts, learn to forgive them. The best thing about forgiving someone is at the same time you are pleasing Allah Taala.

“When you stop searching for a Prince and make Allah Taala the King of your heart, He will help you to complete your fairytale. InshaAllah.”

Remember, Allah always has a better plan for each and one of us. InshaAllah. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to Allah Taala that because of Him, I’ve learned to see and improve my mistakes from the past. I’ve done so many mistakes. Now, all I want to do is to change myself to become a better person. InshaAllah. I believe in Allah. I believe that He has written something special for me. Special that it takes a lot of patience and prayer. All I want to do now is to prepare myself for that special person. A special person whom I’ll be spending the rest of my life with through thick and thin, and the most important thing – the one who will lead me towards Allah, who will become the Imam of my prayers, the father of my children, the one who will always hold my hand and together helping each other to attain Jannah. InshaAllah. To me, it’s not just about – love. It’s more than that. It’s about responsibilities and commitment. It’s about the beginning of the journey together towards forever in Jannah. And most of all, I want it to be special, to experience it according to what Allah has already planned for me.

I will always be waiting for that day to come.

Dear heart, have faith in Allah.

Ieka Ahmad.

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  1. aww. this is soo nice. in love wit yr blog sis. have a good life at there yah! tcare:)

  2. Ya Allah.What a beatiful words ieka ahmad :)

  3. salam ukhwah ika Ahmad...b;og walking ..nice blog...hopefully we can share any opinion or knowledge....:)