Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'd rather be with you

One of my favourite songs :)

To those who followed me on Twitter, this might sound familiar to you :P
Dear future husband, will you sing this song for me someday?

Sittin’ here on this lonely dock
Watch the rain play on the ocean top
All the things I feel I need to say
I can’t explain in any other way

I need to be bold
Need to jump in the cold water
Need to grow older with a girl like you
Finally see you were naturally
The one to make it so easy when you showed me the truth
Yeah, yeah I’d rather be with you
Say you want the same thing too

Now here’s the sun come to dry the rain
Warm my shoulders and relieve my pain
You’re the one thing that I’m missing here
With you beside me I no longer fear

I need to be bold
Need to jump in the cold water
Need to grow older with a girl like you
Finally see you were naturally
The one to make it so easy when you showed me the truth
Yeah, yeah I’d rather be with you
Say you want the same thing too

I could have saved so much time for us
Had I seen the way to get to where I am today
You waited on me for so long
So now listen to me say

I need to be bold
Need to jump in the cold water
Need to grow older with a girl like you
Finally see you were naturally
The one to make it so easy when you showed me the truth
Yeah, yeah I’d rather be with you
Say you want the same thing too

Say you feel the way I do

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

With love

“Sometimes you have to be apart from people you love, but that doesn't make you love them any less. Sometimes you love them more.”

― Nicholas Sparks

Throughout life you will find one person who is unlike any other, brightens your day with his or her smile and sing you a lullaby at night. Who is unlike any other, treats you like a queen. Who will always be there for you when you're down, hold you tight and say it's okay, everything will be all right, I'm here for you, by your side.

I've learned that when it comes to love; sincerity, trust, loyalty, honesty, understanding, and commitment are the most important things that you must have. Somehow, love has taught me the meaning of maturity; to decide things, to think positive, to be optimist. With love, you'll learn to appreciate your loved one. With love, you'll learn to accept his or her imperfections. With love, you'll learn mostly about sincerity, trust, loyalty, honesty, understanding, and commitment. Love is such a wonderful feeling. The reason for you to smile everyday. Yet sometimes love can hurt ourselves too. That could be a sign. No matter how much you love someone, remember to love Him and His Messenger completely first. Because the one who gave you that feeling, is Him. Love that person because of Him.

The moment when you've finally found someone who accepts your imperfections, loves you for who you are, who changes your world to a better one and always be there for you at your weakest, don't let him or her go. Love is not always perfect. But by loving his or her imperfections, everything will be perfect. So if you've found one, appreciate them. Love them with all your heart. Cause they're the one who is worth keeping and worth for you to fight for. Think of how it would be if you've never met the one who changes everything.

Monday, September 19, 2011


“People think dreams aren’t real just because they aren’t made of matter, of particles. Dreams are real. But they are made of viewpoints, of images, of memories and puns and lost hopes.”

— Neil Gaiman

Do you have dreams which you've been keeping for so long? Anything. Dreams about love, future, anything. Do you have one? Wonderful isn't it? How it encourages us to strive. To get what we want. What we really, really want. Yes, I admit it's hard to achieve our dreams. But trust me, with efforts, faith, hopes and prayer, He'll make it easy for us. InshaAllah. You know what is the best thing about dream? What makes it so special? It's all about looking back to at how far you've come from the obstacles, barriers, tribulations and the risks that you have to face. To look at yourself, how stronger you've become from time to time. To appreciate your abilities, to appreciate you, yourself.

I have dreams. My dream is to become a successful daughter so that I can give back to my parents and to help poor people. I want to travel the world. I want to learn new cultures. I want to explore the world. I want to see His creations so that I will always continuously be thankful and never stop saying thank you to Him for everything that He gave. My dream is to become a good wife and a mother, to have a house with a garden filled with flowers and butterflies, a beautifully decorated home with roses wallpapers and wonderful family. InshaAllah. Amin ya Allah.

It's not wrong to keep and have dreams. Because in the end all that matters is you. It's your life. Your choice. It's up to you. Everything is in your hand. Have faith. Believe in your dreams. Put some effort. Keep on praying, praying and praying. If Allah wills it, it will happen.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Travel the world

The man you see in the picture above, that man is the one who inspires me throughout my life. The man who lifts me up when I feel down. Who teaches me the meaning of life. The man who will never leave his children behind. The man who always, I repeat, always loves us with all his heart. His face is always calm. His words are always in the form of advices. That man, my friends, is my dad. My inspiration. I hope I can shout to the world how lucky I am to be your daughter. How lucky I am to have a wonderful dad like you. Thank you, Allah. Thank you.

I always have this dream; to travel the world someday. To learn other cultures. To live independently but most of all to see His creations. Seeing him travelling the world and learning new cultures inspires me a lot. I want to be like him. I want to travel the world like him. I want to give back to my parents like what he did to his parents too. He teaches us the meaning of hardship. And what it feels like to get good results from your hard work. His parents were poor. And he told us how hard things back then for him to live his life in university. The most he could get was RM 50, given by his uncle. A pocket money for a month. He works so hard to change everything for his family.

I love you, daddy.

I have the best dad in the world ! We, siblings, we have the best dad in the world. Who understands us a lot, who will always be there for us through thick and thin, who believes and supports our dreams and never get tired of listening to our stories, to share our thoughts. And I thank Allah for everything. Alhamdulillah. Thank you, Allah. Again, thank you.

Someday, I will travel the world just like him. InshaAllah.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A simple note

Keep on smiling sweethearts :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dear September

In just a blink of an eye, we are now in the beginning of September. Happy September everyone. I pray that this month will be a better month for me. Hoping that this month will be better than last month and a few months ago. Hoping that Allah will bring more joy and happiness in my life. Amin. I know I've been away from blogging for quite a while. Unmotivated, that's the word that can describe everything. So, here me again, trying to motivate myself. There is something that I would love to express here. To know that every single thing that I shared here has helped you to go through the pain in your life means a lot to me. Indeed. Please don't get me wrong. Forgive me if what I'm trying to say sound like I'm making myself proud. No. In fact, indeed I'm happy. I'm happy that I can be that person who keeps you motivated when you're down. Alhamdulillah. Thank you for all the beautiful words I get when I was unmotivated :')

Like everyone else, I have my own September wish. Wishes, I mean. But let's just keep it between me and Him. It's been a very hard journey for me. Deep inside my heart, I really hope that all the wishes will come true. Amin ya Allah. Yet I believe everything happens for a reason. Keep reminding myself that Allah is the best planner and his plans are always the best, inshaAllah. Sometimes, not everything can be described by words. And sometimes not all words can describe the situation. So I chose to remain silent because for me I find it hard to describe everything. But I know that I must have faith in Allah. With prayer, inshaAllah, everything will be easy.

By the way, I hope it's not too late for me to wish everyone a Happy Eid Mubarak !
I'm sorry for any wrong doings. May Allah bless you. Amin :')