Look at what I've found

By Ieka Ahmad - 1:05:00 AM

The old photos of mine ! I went through all the folders and I've found these. Okay, a little bit excited I guess. If I'm not mistaken, I took these pictures when I was 15 year-old. By that time I was in Form 3. I can't believe that I still have it in my laptop ! There are many more but let's just keep it private. I'm sure you don't want to see the rest of it. Oh, I have so many memories back then :')

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  1. I'm sure you must have a lot of
    secret admirers back then.. you looked cute sis :D

  2. hehe I'm pretty much a simple girl.
    no matter how much I've tried to pull-it-off
    (obviously to follow the latest trend), it just won't work :(

  3. so beautiful sis , akk pakai ape punn nmpak MANISS jaa . suka suka ><

  4. babe cepat join giveaway i! :D

  5. kakak saya cakap awak cantik, ye memang cantik pun. :)

  6. hehe thank you awak semua, tp saya biasa je tgk real life :)