Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A step away from dream

Alhamdulillah, the result has been released about a week ago, 22nd June 2011. I was so scared and I didn't check it on that day. Why? Hurm. I thought I couldn't make it. My instinct told me that I'm going to fail one of the subject. So instead of checking my result on that day, I check it on Friday. I couldn't express how happy I am up until today. And how thankful I am to Allah. It's true, if you believe in Allah and you put faith in Him, He will listen to you. To your prayers. Thank you, Allah. Thank you. I realised that I couldn't make it without prayers no matter how much effort I've put on. Have faith in Allah, my dear brothers and sisters. Have faith. Alhamdulillah, I passed all the subjects. Thought I have to take another semester. What happened was an eye-opener for me. Sometimes we don't always get what we want, whatever we have now, be thankful to Allah cause there's always a reason beneath it all.

I know I've been away for so long. Maybe I just couldn't live without writing. It's my passion and no matter how much I've tried to be away from it, I will always miss it. Blog is where I express my feelings and thoughts. Where I can meet fantasy, although I've been living in reality my entire life. I'm not sharing, I'm expressing. Maybe that's why I always love to write. And I hope I will never quit from writing, no matter what. I hope you will enjoy reading.

Life's good so far. Well, sometimes I feel lonely too. It's almost a year now. Living a single life is hard too. I never thought it could be this tough. I agree, two is better than one. But I still believe in true love. And will always wait for that day to come. Maybe it's not now. Sometimes I ask myself, am I still holding on the past? Up until now, I don't have the answer.

As for my studies, I am now applying universities in New Zealand and Australia. I hope I can make it. Of course I don't want to burden my parents to achieve what I want, so I'm going to apply for scholarship soon. And again I hope they will choose me. A step away from my dream. Allah has shown me His greatness, I couldn't believe it till now. Subhanallah. InshaAllah, have faith in Allah. Have faith.

In a nutshell,
whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve. So if you think you can, you can. Lastly, prays always prays and when you pray put a hundred percent faith in Allah. Put your own effort to your studies. Believe in Allah. Always.


  1. are you doing 3rd semester talal?

  2. No, Ieka, I'm not. Monash inshaAllah. I'm surprised you are doing 3rd sem :S how are you?

  3. No I'm not, monash inshaAllah! i'm surprised you have to do a 3rd sem :S how have you been?

  4. no I'm not. I thought about it before (cause I thought I'm not gonna pass my accounting) but soon after the result came out, it was fine so I'm gonna pursue with degree soon. InshaAllah :)

    I'm good :D you?

  5. @Ieka: Sorryyyyyyyy for the late reply, there's no feature to follow posts -_-
    inshaAllah, where are you going?
    I'm Alive Alhamdulillah, today was day two of monash, so far it sounds pretty tough, hopefully it won't be!