A step away from dream

By Ieka Ahmad - 11:46:00 PM

Alhamdulillah, the result has been released about a week ago, 22nd June 2011. I was so scared and I didn't check it on that day. Why? Hurm. I thought I couldn't make it. My instinct told me that I'm going to fail one of the subject. So instead of checking my result on that day, I check it on Friday. I couldn't express how happy I am up until today. And how thankful I am to Allah. It's true, if you believe in Allah and you put faith in Him, He will listen to you. To your prayers. Thank you, Allah. Thank you. I realised that I couldn't make it without prayers no matter how much effort I've put on. Have faith in Allah, my dear brothers and sisters. Have faith. Alhamdulillah, I passed all the subjects. Thought I have to take another semester. What happened was an eye-opener for me. Sometimes we don't always get what we want, whatever we have now, be thankful to Allah cause there's always a reason beneath it all.

I know I've been away for so long. Maybe I just couldn't live without writing. It's my passion and no matter how much I've tried to be away from it, I will always miss it. Blog is where I express my feelings and thoughts. Where I can meet fantasy, although I've been living in reality my entire life. I'm not sharing, I'm expressing. Maybe that's why I always love to write. And I hope I will never quit from writing, no matter what. I hope you will enjoy reading.

Life's good so far. Well, sometimes I feel lonely too. It's almost a year now. Living a single life is hard too. I never thought it could be this tough. I agree, two is better than one. But I still believe in true love. And will always wait for that day to come. Maybe it's not now. Sometimes I ask myself, am I still holding on the past? Up until now, I don't have the answer.

As for my studies, I am now applying universities in New Zealand and Australia. I hope I can make it. Of course I don't want to burden my parents to achieve what I want, so I'm going to apply for scholarship soon. And again I hope they will choose me. A step away from my dream. Allah has shown me His greatness, I couldn't believe it till now. Subhanallah. InshaAllah, have faith in Allah. Have faith.

In a nutshell,
whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve. So if you think you can, you can. Lastly, prays always prays and when you pray put a hundred percent faith in Allah. Put your own effort to your studies. Believe in Allah. Always.

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  1. are you doing 3rd semester talal?

  2. No, Ieka, I'm not. Monash inshaAllah. I'm surprised you are doing 3rd sem :S how are you?

  3. No I'm not, monash inshaAllah! i'm surprised you have to do a 3rd sem :S how have you been?

  4. no I'm not. I thought about it before (cause I thought I'm not gonna pass my accounting) but soon after the result came out, it was fine so I'm gonna pursue with degree soon. InshaAllah :)

    I'm good :D you?

  5. @Ieka: Sorryyyyyyyy for the late reply, there's no feature to follow posts -_-
    inshaAllah, where are you going?
    I'm Alive Alhamdulillah, today was day two of monash, so far it sounds pretty tough, hopefully it won't be!