Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Value of Women's Beauty in Islam

So when this woman, before leaves the house, like the other woman, she looks in the mirror.

But they're looking in the mirror for something different.

When the woman in the street looks in the mirror, she makes sure she has the best style.

She looks good, she can attract the men! But this woman, when she looks in the mirror,

she makes sure she's dressed appropriately, makes sure that Allah is pleased with her,

makes sure she's covered, so when she goes out in the street and she's covered,

to please ALLAH and she does that...

she's beautiful.


  1. beautiful and nicely explained. One must follow and read quran to know how to spend life

  2. kalaulah sume pompuan paham.. -.-"

  3. yes, couldnt agree more! i copy this to my facebook status :) all your posts are great!

  4. thanks everyone :)
    thanks ed :D