Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Sheltering Cloud

This is an interesting story to tell. May Allah bless us all. Amin.

People who are involved in religious work sometimes have to point out the faults of others in order to save them from acts of sin. In these instances it is essential to ensure that one does not belittle the person he is advising.

There was once a man from the Banu Israel, whose piety was so great that Allah SWT had instructed a cloud to shelter him at all times. Once whilst this pious person was resting during a journey a person who was renowned for his sins passed by.

Upon seeing the pious person this sinful person thought to himself that let me benefit from the company of this pious servant of Allah. Thus the sinner came and sat right next to the pious man.

The pious person immediately & with great anger got up from his place. For he could not bear the fact that such a great sinner should sit next to him. As he stood up however the pious person noticed to his amazement that the cloud was no longer sheltering him. Rather, it was sheltering the sinner.

In confusion the pious man at once went to the Prophet of that time & requested him to explain what has happened. The Prophet explained: Because the man who came to you came with admiration for your taqwah Allah SWT elevated him to your status and because you looked down upon him Allah SWT degraded you to his status. As a result the cloud was removed from you and given to him.

Look down upon no soul. For you know not what is in their heart.

“And whether you hide your word or publish it, He certainly has full knowledge, of the secrets of all hearts.” (Quran 67:13)
Source from Islamic Thinking.

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